Becoming An Actor is aimed at those currently outside the industry, and will provide a similar level of training as is given to professional actors.

The course covers three parts and each part has been carefully designed to allow you to learn the tools of the trade and grow and flourish as an actor. Your journey begins with ‘Part I’ and you will learn the foundations required to be an actor.

Part II’ will focus entirely on you alone on stage! You will be encouraged to leave your comfort zone, but don’t worry, because you will be guided and supported along every step of your journey.

And finally, ‘Part III’ brings it all together and, along with your fellow actors, you will perform in a play.

The course is taught within an environment that aims to replicate the professional rehearsal room and the self-discipline, creative risk-taking and professional work-ethic involved in becoming a (professional) actor.

The course is lead by professional directors and actors with over 25-years of professional experience within the entertainment industry.

Part I

The first part of your journey has been structured to prepare you for everything you can expect when you become an actor.
You will explore six important areas that will help you understand, practise and improve.

3x 1.5 hours

Part II

‘Part II’ also provides the perfect experience to help you build audition material, new learning techniques, and analysis and understanding of text, and will take you on a unique acting journey.

3x 1.5 hours

Part III

Now it’s time to put into practise all the skills you have gained from the previous workshops, and you will perform in a play!
In front of an invited audience!

3x 1.5 hours PLUS 1x 2 hours

Workshop date



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Workshop details

The Introduction to acting workshop runs for 1.5 hours and is recommended to people with a minimum B1 level of English.

It is led by professional directors and actors.