Frequently Asked Questions

LET drama is a series of multiple workshops to help your students learn, practise and improve their English.

How does LET drama work?

We work in two ways and you choose which is best for your school:
1; access to video scenes so your students can practice as often as they want, when they want, and wherever they are!
2; we come to your school and lead a 45-minute workshop.

Can all students participate?

YES! All young people (13+) can participate, from level A1 to C2.

Does it help to deliver the new curriculum for the matura 2023?

YES! Our workshops deliver the three key points of the matura 2023:
critical thinking;  in-depth text analysis  and  high-level processes.

How many students can take part?

All of your school can access the videos, and workshops are with groups of up to 18 students.

As a teacher, do I need to prepare anything?

For access to videos, we give you a unique password. And for workshops, we only need your students and a room!

How many workshops can I book?

We have many (many!) videos and scenes available! And the more videos and workshops you book, the bigger the discount you receive.

Getting Started!

The button below will take you straight to see a video – and there are many (many!) more videos available.

We would love to hear from you regarding sharing the videos with your students, so please do email us, or you can call 884 333 399.