Do you love performingYES?

Do you want an adventure in a different countryYES?

Would you like to join us at a theatre festival for Youth, in EgyptYES?

The ETTC entered the 6th Edition

of the Sharm El Sheikh International Theater Festival for Youth (SITFY) and was invited to perform our drama, Tram 23:11.

To be invited to the festival required us to compete against many international theatre companies.  Once accepted, there was a judging panel made up of famous actors and directors from Egypt, and we are proud to reveal one of our actors won the Best Actor award!

Held annually, SITFY is the first of its kind to be organised in Sinai, Egypt.  It was launched with the aim of providing opportunities to young theatre practitioners while decentralising the artistic scene and reviving tourism in South Sinai.  SITFY’s founder and president is Mazen El-Gharabawy, and the artistic director is Ingy El-Bastawi.  Egyptian stage legend Samiha Ayoub who is the festival’s Honorary President reflected the festival’s capability of improvement through time.  She also praised the youth’s role in the development of the festival and said, “SITFY’s main theme is enhancing the youth’s role in theater.”

Following our experience at SITFY we have decided to create a brand new addition to our professional theatre company called ETTC Youth.

* * *

The projected timetable

is based on SITFY taking place in November 2022.  (Please be advised that changes will be made where necessary.)

  • January, 2022: auditions
  • February: all successful participants will meet
  • March: rehearsals begin and we start devising a story
  • April – September: rehearsals
  • September or November: one week at the festival in Egypt!

To give you a simple understanding of the time commitment required, if you have the time to rehearsal a couple of evenings during the week, and one day at the weekend (usually Sunday), then you will be fine.

Naturally, we understand that exams, holiday’s and life events will happen!  But successful participants must be prepared to commit to regular scheduled rehearsals based upon availability.

* * *

The ETTC is a fundacja

and we do not receive funding for such projects, and there are costs to be a part of this project.

We have tried to mitigate the costs with the knowledge that this project will create a great play!  Plus the additional benefits of performing publicly and in other festivals.

The participation fee will cover:

  • Full hotel accommodation for the duration of the stay in Egypt.
  • Full board within the hotel (including three meals per day).
  • The production costs to film and edit the show (required to submit to the festival).
  • Transfer to/from airport/hotel in Egypt.
  • Return flight* (Poland-Egypt-Poland).
  • The participation fee is 2,850pln. (Payment can be equally divided over three months.  If we do not get accepted to SITFY, 2,000pln will be refunded.)

* * *

A great deal of work will be invested

in the Youth project.  Our goal is to perform in festivals and public performances in and around Poland.  However,  our main goal is to be accepted to perform at the festival in Egypt.

An additional separate fund will be created regarding costumes, props and marketing.  Each participant will contribute 150pln and unused funds will be reimbursed equally.

We will create a management team to work alongside ETTC and oversee the progress of the project and provide guidance and support.  The team will be made up of voluntary teachers and parents.

Egypt is safe.  There is a strong police presence and they take security extremely seriously.  We noticed police checkpoints surrounding the area of hotels, there are security guards at the entrance checking everyone entering, the hotel staff were helpful, and the guides provided by the festival were always available.

* * *