Before you click on the VIEW VIDEO button below and start watching, please read these helpful guidelines first.

Our videos have been created by professional language teachers, designed to help you practice and improve (quickly!) your listening and speaking skills.
We have many videos for you to work with and we are including ‘The Weather’ video to offer you a taste of what you can expect.
Each video is centred around a real-life situation. This means that what you practice is what you will REALLY hear!

Each video is divided into three parts:
Part 1: watch and listen to the scene. (You can also join in if you wish.)
Part 2: now it’s your turn! You will read the part of one character.
Part 3: and now you will switch, and you will read the part of the other character.
Subtitles are displayed all the time, so you can easily follow and join in.

Watch from any where, any time – and as often as you want!
We recommend you begin by watching the video a few times to get used it, and become familiar with the text. Once you feel confident then speak the words out-loud. And as your confidence increases we want you to say your lines with PASSION – and say them angry, or very happy; moody or shy; excited or as an order!

LET doing has been created to help you become confident with the lines and then play with them! When you play and have fun – your understanding will grow and you will be ready to put your speaking and listening skills into action!