The story of Slam21

The Monologue Slam was created to help combat the times we found ourselves in.

Theatre needs an audience, and we knew many people would be having a difficult time, and some would be isolated, so we wanted to find a way to bring people together.

The Monologue Slam was created to help provide a focus and offer inspiration.

But then we started thinking, how could we make it an even more valuable and exciting experience? So that’s when we approached professional people within the entertainment industry to not only be judges and offer feedback, but also donate some fantastic prizes! Some have offered 1-2-1 sessions for the winners, and some will even be offering a place in their agency!

So this competition is, in all aspects, of great value to everyone concerned.

People can do it from home; be seen by professionals operating within the industry; start their acting journey; plus judges can discover new talent!

Opportunities never thought imaginable are now within reach!

And that’s the Monologue Slam – making dreams come true.

Category Winners


Magdalena Zubko + Jakub Rudźinski + Briana Croitoru

Category winners:


(Public vote) Shriyanshi Quanoongo + Jerome Washington + Basia Nowak.

(Judges vote) Briana Croitoru + Jakub Rudźinski + Alana Semkowicz.


(Public vote) Remigiusz Pater + Magdalena Zubko.

(Judges vote) Karolina Malinowska + Zien Rashad + Laura Makuch.


(Public vote) Klaudia Woźniak + Bruno Giacomini +Sylwia Sienicka.

(Judges vote) Zofia Sowa + Matt Farrell + Sylwia Majewska.


Oliwia Gładysz + Dan Johnson + Anna Kostrzewska.

Get Ready For Slam23

Registration begins 1 October, 2022

Rounds take place:

January, 2023 (Drama)

February, 2023 (Comedy)

March, 2023 (Classical)

May, 2023 – the Grand Final. Live and in-person!