Summer Acting Workshops

Introduction to Acting

A professional director will lead you in this workshop and provide you with a solid foundation to help you understand the requirements of acting.

You will find out precisely what it takes to become an actor to begin your journey.

Along the way you will discover exercises and techniques to help and encourage you to start acting!

Duration: 1.5 hours  |  Fee: 29zł

Warsaw: 29 June, 19:00

Kraków: 04 July, 11:00

Building Your Showreel

This is a unique and invaluable workshop. You will breakdown and work on two scenes, as well as learning filming technique, on-set etiquette both in-front of and behind the camera.

And you will appear in two scenes and receive copies of the scenes that will help start, or expand, your showreel.

Duration: 6 hours (2x 1.5hrs, and 3hrs)  |  Fee: 219zł

Warsaw: 08, 15, 22 July, 18:45

Kraków: 10, 17, 24 July, 12:00

Intensive Screen Acting

You will now be immersed in the world of production! And you will learn all the practical techniques to build your confidence in performance, help you master the technical requirements of a screen actor and understand the do’s and don’t’s of screen craft.

Students will complete the course feeling assured and confident in their screen acting ability, with further focus on career and armed with material for their showreel.

Duration: 5x 5 hours  |  Fee: 399zł

Warsaw: 26 – 30 July, 10:00-15:00

Krakow: 09 – 13 August, 10:00-15:00

Becoming an Actor

Becoming An Actor is aimed at those currently outside the industry, and will provide a similar level of training as is given to professional actors, providing you with the opportunity to learn the tools of the trade and grow and flourish as an actor.

Your journey begins with ‘Part I’ and you will learn the foundations required to be an actor.

The course is taught within an environment that aims to replicate the professional rehearsal room and the self-discipline, creative risk-taking and professional work-ethic involved in becoming a (professional) actor.

Duration: 3x 1.5 hours |  Fee: 149zł

Warsaw: 08, 15, 22 July, 17:00

Krakow: 10, 17, 24 July, 10:00