Our workshops were famous in the UK!

And they're now available in Poland

“Work-related learning” workshops provide your pupils with a real-life experience of what to expect when they leave education and venture into the REAL WORLD!

The workshops have been specifically designed to reflect the challenges they will face – and provide them with the tools to deal to meet those challenges!

We create a disciplined environment and challenges they will fail – we WANT them to fail! Because we also create a safe environment where failure is analyzed, discussed and never repeated.

Pupils learn about the importance of teamwork, taking responsibility, how to be successful at job interviews and much MUCH more!

We have inspired more than 20,000 pupils and we would love to work with your pupils, so please get in touch to make a booking or if you have any questions, please ask us.

To acquire a deeper understanding of our work and philosophy, we would encourage you to watch the video of Don Allen delivering a Tedx talk, below.

Tedx talk

Don Allen was invited to give a talk at Tedx in Poland about his experience working with young people.
This talk will give you an insightful look into the thinking behind the workshops and the impact they have on young people.
To book Don to visit your school please email us today:

Pupil feedback and a look behind the scenes!