Would You Like To Join Us?

We would love to offer you an audition!

To find out a little more about how we think, here are three points that are important to us:

  • EXPERIENCE: we love to work with new and emerging talent, but you will need to have had some training and/or appeared on stage in a play (sadly, school performances do not count!)
  • COMMITMENT: as you know, acting is not easy. In fact, it’s hard and demanding! And rehearsals will be hard and demanding! You will need to be prepared to do your “homework” and join us in our strive for perfection.
  • PASSION: you will need a real deep desire to act!

Naturally, your English must be good. And we are proud to have worked with actors from Egypt, Germany, USA, Romania, Austria, Hungary, Ukraine and India (as well as Poland!).

(Please note: we also run Acting Workshops for people passionate about acting but who lack experience/training.)

Here are the 3 steps it takes to become an ETTC actor:

Step 1

Send an email and include:

1. one up-to-date headshot. (Only one!)

2. your acting CV. (Or, if you don’t have one, include your acting experience within the email.)

Step 2

We will share a scene and a monologue with you:

The scene is called “Say Please“. You will perform opposite another actor.

The monologue is of our choosing, and you will perform this alone on stage.

Step 3

At the audition you can expect to be with other people auditioning, and/or our cast members to help.

You will then perform the “Say Please” scene at least twice. The first time will be your interpretation, and the second time the director will direct you.

Finally, you will perform the monologue twice. Again, the first time is your interpretation, and the second time will be with the directors guidance.

Hopefully everything goes great and we invite you to a recall.

What To Expect As An ETTC actor.

Hard work! Passion! Commitment!

We take our performances very seriously and therefore the work we put into them is of the highest standard. For example, before rehearsals begin, you will know your lines, and naturally, you will research everything connected to the play.

Every actor needs to feel (and demonstrate) their passion towards the play they are involved in.

And we all know being an actor is a big commitment and it’s not easy. But the rewards are immeasurable!

Are you ready to start? Email us today!