Introduction to acting

Are you ready to start your adventure?

A professional director will lead you in this workshop and provide you with a solid foundation to help you understand the requirements of acting.
It will give you a real experience of what it takes to be an actor – openness, being brave, the areas of the stage, and even the real acting methods used by professional actors.
And this workshop is FREE for every person that books the follow-up workshop, “Becoming an Actor“.

Workshop details

Recommended to everyone with (minimum) B1 level of English.

Runs for 1.5 hours.

Led by professional directors and actors.

Limited places.

Testimonials from participants

“I learnt more in this workshop than I have in the last year of my theatre course in college!”

Dawid S. – student

“It was great! Very informative and inspiring!!!”

Agata P. – Cisco


July & August, 2021


July & August, 2021