Make Your Vote Count!

The Grand Final will be made up of two stages.

A Public vote and a Judges vote.

Added together they will determine the overall winner for each category of Slam21!

The Public vote takes place on our Facebook page: Click Here

You will have the choice of giving a LIKE (worth 1 point); or a LOVE/CARE (worth 2 points). Also, we want you to really SEE the monologue, so more points are awarded for the length of time the monologue is viewed.

You will have 5 days to see, and vote for, all the monologues for each category.

Important Dates!

Voting on Facebook begins 10 May.

Female (19+) = Monday 10 – Friday 14, May

Female (15-19) = Saturday 15 – Wednesday 19, May

Male (19+) = Thursday 20 – Monday 24, May

Monologues for each category will be released on the first day of voting at 10:00.

The monologues will be available for 5 days.

Voting ends on the last day at 23:59.

The Grand Final takes place Sunday 30, May.

The story of Slam21

The Monologue Slam was created to help combat the times we found ourselves in.

Theatre needs an audience, and we knew many people would be having a difficult time, and some would be isolated, so we wanted to find a way to bring people together.

The Monologue Slam was created to help provide a focus and offer inspiration.

But then we started thinking, how could we make it an even more valuable and exciting experience? So that’s when we approached professional people within the entertainment industry to not only be judges and offer feedback, but also donate some fantastic prizes! Some have offered 1-2-1 sessions for the winners, and some will even be offering a place in their agency!

So this competition is, in all aspects, of great value to everyone concerned.

People can do it from home; be seen by professionals operating within the industry; start their acting journey; plus judges can discover new talent!

Opportunities never thought imaginable are now within reach!

And that’s the Monologue Slam – making dreams come true.

Phill Barron | Katarzyna Gryciuk Krzywda | Grzegorz Kempinsky
Richard Holmes, Magda Szmyt, Mike Owerczuk

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