Don Allen

Don is now presenting a radio show on Jazz Kultura.
He will be discussing a wide range of topics covering the entertainment industry. But the best part is hearing from the professionals working in the entertainment industry – from actors, to directors, to writers, to producers, to agents, to everyone else involved in the industry!
Below are the guests he’s spoken to so far, and this impressive list will continue to grow!
Come and enjoy the show, Thursday 16:00-17:00 on JazzKultura

Cassius Rayner

In this week’s “Theatre Show!” we can’t wait to welcome and chat with Cass Rayner!
Cass is a filmmaker and has more than 20 years experience as a camera operator, and in 2014 he began working exclusively in mobile video production and has received 14 international film awards for a documentary and music video both shot using mobiles and most recently received 3 awards for a drama DEAD EYE.

You can listen now, just click here: Cassius Rayner interview.

Jerry Kwarteng

Jerry was born in Hamburg, Germany and is a German actor and producer with Ghanaian roots. He is one of the founding members of the media network “Black Filmmaking Community Germany“.
Jerry started acting at a young age and it was followed by short appearances in several productions.
Since 2012 he has appeared in several TV and movie productions, working alongside people such as Olga Kurylenko, Jeremy Irons, Kristen Stewart, Juliette Binoche, Dietmar Bär and Klaus Behrendt.
Jerry recently played the lead in feature film, 4 Walls, alongside Anjorka Strechel.
His acting CV is available here: IMDb Jerry.

You can listen to his interview here: Jerry Kwarteng interview

Jane Foster

Jane is a classic writer/director! She is from Harrow, north London and, aged 12, she was top at creative writing at high school – and even nominated as London hairdresser of the year once!

Jane is a member of Directors UK, which supports UK Directors. She is currently working on her second feature film, Day Six and you can read more on her website: 23-films.

You can listen now, just click here: Jane Foster interview.

Neil Kelly

Neil Kelly graduated from drama school in 2008 at the age of 48. To be fair, he had done a few things beforehand, including 10 years in the army and another 15 or so working in what can loosely be described as “Corporate IT”.

Since 2008 he has been acting regularly in corporate role-play and immersive/educational theatre. In between he has worked across all media, including stage, film, TV, Internet and audio.
Neil is married with three grown-up children and is now a granddad. Have a look at his acting CV – Neil CV. Plus his podcast – Aliens Explored.

You can listen now, just click here: Neil Kelly interview

Tim Parker

Tim is an Actor, Musician and Creative with credits in the West End, UK and internationally. He trained at The Guildford School of Acting and Studio 68, and his full professional credits are here: IMDb Tim.

After almost 30 years living in Brixton he swapped the sprawling metropolis for a small Devon village next to a canal, and he’s never looked back – and he’s also percussionist and Mandolin player for band, SunDog Slide.

You can listen now, just click here: Tim Parker interview

Jonas Nerbe

Jonas Nerbe is the Artistic Director of “Stockholm’s Musical Theatre”, and an actor.

He trained at the Conservatory in Vienna, Austria and at Stockholm University of the Art.

Jonas has performed in multiple plays and musicals, and in 2013 he WON the award “Best Performance” for William at the NY International Fringe Festival.

Departure 23:11 at Scalateatern 2019 where SthlmMusikTeater wrote a musical from Don Allen’s script of Tram 23:11.

You can listen now, just click here: Jonas Nerbe interview