Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to enter?


The Monologue Slam! is free to enter.

How can I enter?

Follow this link and complete the Application form.

Must I do everything myself?

No. But remember this is not a competition about how well you can be filmed. Everyone can take part and they can even use the camera on their phone! (We’ll be running a technical Master Class to make it even clearer for you.)

How will I receive the monologues?

Two ways – first, we will email the monologue to you; second, you will be given a password to access it from our website.

Monologues will be shared to everyone, at the same time, on the date listed.

Can I get the monologue now?

We want to be fair and share the monologues at the same time to everyone.

I’m a High School student, can I take part?

Yes you can and there is a special category for you. You can either apply directly with us, or ask your teacher to get in contact.

Is there an age limit for entrants?

No. There are two categories:

1: High School students (15-19)

2: Public (19+)

I trained as an actor, can I also take part?

Yes you can. But please tick the box on the application form.

I’ve no experience of acting, can I take part?

Definitely! This competition really is for you!

Why are they called Acts?

Because we thought ‘rounds’ sounded too normal. (But they mean the same thing.)

What happens if I send you my video a day late?

Sadly, we will be unable to accept it. All videos must be received within the stated deadlines.

What's the prize?

We will be revealing the prizes very soon…

Who's the jury?

We will also reveal the judges very soon…