Kraków – the city of romance! At least that’s what Gwen thought when she planned a luxurious weekend away with Roger, her fiancé. Images of strolling through Old Town, a romantic ride in a horse-drawn carriage, and sipping vodka were all she cared for. Until, a few days before the trip, she happened to catch Roger in a compromising embrace with his secretary…

But never fear, for aunt Stephanie is here! In an effort to cheer-up her heart-broken niece, aunt Stephanie decides to accompany Gwen. The duo encounter a neurotic customer care manager, a ditzy chambermaid, and a hunky male model!

Watch out Kraków – the ladies from the UK have arrived!

Running time: 1hr 30min (includes Q&A with actors after performance)
Genre: Comedy
Language: English
Age Recommendation: 16+
* Ideal for people learning English!

Our plays do not contain offensive language and they are suitable for most people.

We also run workshops before some of our performances. And the workshop really allows you to get to understand and appreciate the play even more! Immediately after every performance, the cast and crew return to the stage to share their stories about the production and give you the opportunity to ask them questions.

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