Tram 23:11

Performed in English
Running time: 80 minutes
Suitable: 13+

Six strangers die. And they're heading to their final destination.

They never knew each other in life, but now they’ve been brought together in death. A mother desperate to protect her child; a husband who didn’t follow his dreams; an adulterous wife regretting her choices; a terminally ill young man, a rebellious teenager; and a loner.
They are being escorted by their ever-watching, all-knowing guardian, who has been with each of them since birth. He knows everything there is to know about their lives: each and every secret…
It will be a painful and emotional journey because they need to accept they are dead. And their dreams, their plans, their hopes are gone. Forever.
Except for one of them. One of them will be given a chance to live again. But who?