Welcome to the Monologue Slam! competition

Have you had your work performed or published? If not, we are offering you the opportunity to achieve just that!
The Monologue Slam! is a competition to spread English culture and connect people from all over Poland and discover their hidden acting talent – and we are looking for writers to join us!

Fundacja ETTC will be leading the competition and supporting and guiding you every step of the way.

There are four categories and you can choose to write a monologue for any one of the categories:

1. Female High School students (15-19)

2. Male High School students (15-19)

3. Female Public (19+)

4. Male Public (19+)

For more information, including a guideline, please write to us at: email@ettc.pl

We would love to hear from you – and we would love you to get your work seen!