The ETTC Youth is for all aspiring performers between 17-29 years-old.

We are building a group of performers to provide guidance and teaching, by entertainment industry professionals to create spectacular theatrical shows.

If you have a passion for performing – acting, singing, dancing; or you want to gain expert experience backstage in stage-management, design, costume, directing – then ETTC Youth is the place for you!

You do not need experience, because we want young people with a real passion for performing, and a willingness to work hard together in a team!

The ETTC Youth is a part of the ETTC – Poland’s most successful English speaking theatre company!

Start your adventure here and now!

ETTC Youth is for young people

between 17-29 years-old, with a genuine passion for performing.

It’s a unique opportunity to acquire new skills and work with theatre industry professionals.  The same high standards and expectations will be in place as there are for our professional theatre company.

ETTC Youth will have a maximum of 10 performers.

And all successful participants will come together and meet in February.  A new play will be devised and written exclusively for the performers.

* * *

Every member will benefit

from the expert guidance and tuition from the director and other industry professionals.

As a team you will work hard at improving your performance skills under the watchful eye of industry professionals with years of experience.

The biggest influence in our decision to chose members will be the passion and commitment that we feel from each person.  We will only accept people who WANT to perform, and understand the hard-work and dedication that it takes.

Being a member of ETTC Youth will be so much more than only having to learn lines and attending rehearsals – to be a member means that you will be an active and engaged person that is now part of an exclusive company.

* * *

Apply Now To Reserve Your Casting Place

as soon as you complete your application we will email you directly with more information on the project, and the casting process.

The first casting will require you to perform a speech that we will send you.

And every person invited for a recall will take part in a group casting.