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About Slam23

Slam23 is an acting competition for you.

And it’s FREE to enter!

There are two categories:

1: Public (16+)
2: High School students

There are three rounds; Drama, Comedy, and Classical.
You will receive a different monologue for each of the three rounds.
The three rounds are completed online.
We share the monologue at the start of each month, and then we all meet online and you will receive expert guidance, and have the chance to ask questions.
You will then learn your monologue and film yourself performing it.
A panel of industry professional judges will score your performance, and offer you feedback.

The Grand Final will be an in-person live-event!

Meet Professionals

Slam23 is your chance to show entertainment professionals your talent!

And they will help you. Starting in November you can join online sessions to give you guidance and direction to help you perform the monologues will commence online from November.

During these sessions you will receive expert guidance and advice in order to perform the monologue, how to film yourself – and we will also give you voice and pronunciation exercises to really help you improve!

The three rounds take place over three months. And you will perform a different genre of monologue each month:

JANUARY, 2023 – Drama

FEBRUARY, 2023 – Comedy

MARCH, 2023 – Classical

MAY, 2023 – Grand Final

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Why You Should Take Part!

10 reasons why you should take part!

1; It’s FREE when you join before 31 October.

2; REAL opportunities to start your acting career! (You will meet casting agents and directors.)

3; It will benefit and evolve your English skills and your knowledge of English literature.

4; It will significantly, and positively, contribute to your Health and Well-being.

5; It will motivate and inspire you!

6; Everyone is welcome, regardless of location or ability.

7; Slam23 will integrate people from different cultures and countries.

8; It highlights, in a fun and informative way, English culture.

9; Provides unrivaled access to entertainment professionals that you would otherwise be unable to meet.

10; And don’t forget having professionals see your work and offer their personal advice and guidance; and you will have the chance to meet them at the final!

(And have we mentioned there are also some amazing prizes on offer? We’ll tell you more very soon…)