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    About Slam23

    Slam23 is an acting competition for everyone with a dream to act!

    It’s in English and it’s FREE to enter!

    There are two categories:

    1: Public (16+)
    2: High School students

    There are 3 online qualification rounds: Drama, Comedy, and Classical.

    The Grand Final will be live in Kraków, May 14, 2023.

    And we are proud to be standing, on stage, shoulder-to-shoulder, with our neighbours – Ukraine!

    For us, this is a wonderful opportunity to invite and welcome participants living in both countries: Ukraine + Poland.

    Standing together. Standing strong.

    How To Film Yourself

    Be a part of Slam23 from the comfort of home…

    Filmmaker (and judge) Jon Gill explains how simple it is to film yourself using your smartphone.